The Endless Mission Unveils Star-Studded Voice Cast

A sandbox creation game with an actual narrative voiced by industry icons? Yep.

(Phoenix, AZ – July 11, 2019) – E-Line Media is excited to introduce the voice actors for The Endless Mission, a sandbox style creation game where a rich narrative leads players through a world unlike any other. Having previously made their mark on iconic franchises like Mass EffectHaloDragon AgeAssassin’s CreedDiablo, and Fallout, the talents of Laura BaileyJennifer HaleAlix Wilton ReganSara Amini, and Courtenay Taylor will all now be setting off on The Endless Mission later this year.

Get your first taste of The Endless Mission’s story and talented VO team:

The Endless Mission invites you to become a part of The Academy, an organization dedicated to helping the world use the technology that is around them – instead of being used by it. Explore a digital world where you have the power to fundamentally alter the framework around you, reshaping and creating as you see fit. This all happens while a colorful cast of characters stand by your side as you begin to pull back the curtain on a story that draws you behind the scenes of some of video gaming’s most iconic genres. From crafting your own spells and changing enemy behavior, to completely reshaping the surrounding landscape, The Endless Mission empowers players to rethink how games are built.

Set to arrive on Steam Early Access this summer, The Endless Mission offers up something for everyone. Want to get lost in a deep story that takes you behind the scenes of your favorite game genres? No problem. Want to begin making your own games for the world to play using The Endless Mission’s powerful creation tools? We’ve got you covered.

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