The Coolest Book Ever Made of the Strangest Film Never Made!

Esoteric, strange, inconceivable, surreal and undoubtedly awkward yet lovable. All ways someone could describe the talents of both the Marx Brothers and Salvador Dali. Who could imagine that the mime of the family Harpo and the man who painted The Persistence of Memory would become close friends; or that friendship would lead to a movie script that would never come to see the light of action and motion?

That is until said script was adapted into a graphic work by biographer and novelist Josh Frank with dialogue assistance by comedy “genius” of Tom goes to The Mayor and Tim&Eric, Tim Heideker and dazzling and stunning artwork from Manuela Pertega which reflects all the words of the first sentence.

The work was then turned into an absolutely amazing tone designed, compiled and published by the makers of all things wonderful, Quirk Books. It is titled Giraffes on Horseback Salad, the actual title of the screenplay it brings to life.

There is more then just a crazy and wild film concept brought to life in the only true way it could be in current days though. There is on the forefront a comic book that invokes its original creators (Dali and Marx) spirit while at the same time in so many ways also seems to reflect from (intentionally or not) the work of comic book surrealism master Steve Ditko, the visual insanity developed by co-writer Tim Heideker, his partner Eric Wareheim and the team at Abso Lutely Productions and the timing, pace and may layered story telling of modern movie masters of the obscure and incomprehensible yet mesmerizing and approachable such as Terry Gilliam and David Lynch; yet there is also a documented history of the very vastly researched history that brought this entire project into existence.

In over 30 pages of text with lavish illustrations before we get to the feature presentation there is truly detailed explanation of the original project, its creation and failure to come to fruition along with notes of what it could have been and how it became the tome that now exists. Following the nearly impossible to properly explain, but must be experienced tale are notes and sketches by Dali himself. Equally there’s a dedicated website that also directs you the forthcoming music album accompaniment to the entire novel, so that when you read and re-read it becomes a living breathing cinema-scope, orchestral jazz infused psychedelic romp as only Salvador Dali and the Marx Brothers could’ve created had they been allowed.

Luckily artists of their own excellent talents have allowed us all to at least have the chance to slightly consider what might have been while appreciating what is.

Giraffes on Horseback Salad comes out March 19, 2019 from Quirk Books and will available at all the places you buy books

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