The Collective 2020 Preview Post via Pop-Culture Spectrum (Constantly Updated)

Wrestling is not traditionally a primary focus of Pop-Culture Spectrum, but if you head to the art portfolio you’d see it is one of the most primary sources of entertainment for the site’s creator. P-CS’ director also works directly in professional wrestling as a producer, agent and talent relations. During the pandemic it has been very hard to be both a fan and work in the industry but they have been doing so. Yet they have not been to a real show since January of 2020 not counting the invite only event of MV Young’s Polyam Party 1 in an undisclosed location in August.  Their big return to shows will be the three day long The Collective in Indiana. A recovery from an event originally scheduled for Wrestlemania 2020 weekend in Tampa, it was postponed/cancelled like all independent events for that time period. In what was practically a shocking announcement the event is still happening albeit with a different line-up then originally announced.  It still is a crazy event though and PC-S as well as one of their compatriots and hardcore fellow wrestling heads of similar interests have decided to hit the event up in all its glory with front row seats to every event, spending a day before and after, and plenty funds for meals, merch and more.  Other websites have written up the current line up as announced, but P-CS likes to do things their own way, so here is the current card (updated as we come closer), with a few personal words on each announced match from the mind of Reid Harris Cooper, described by some as a wrestling ambassador and others a living, breathing (although I don’t know everyone, but I do know how to look them up).

SIDE NOTE: If you won’t be in Indiana for this all the shows are available on FITE, but your best deal is the complete package with unlimited replay options.

THURSDAY (10/8/20)

COLLECTIVE KICK-OFF PARTY at 10th Street Pub hosted by “Spyder” Nate Webb
10050 E. 10th St
Pizza, Wings, JagerBombs and who knows what else?!

FRIDAY (10/9/20)

12 PM D-Generation F

Jordan Oliver vs Ace Austin: This will actually be the second match between these two, the first taking place on September 29th at Synergy Wrestling. This doesn’t take away from the excitement of this match at all though. Different setting, different state, different environment, different time, different prestige, different mindset. Jordan has been making a lot of noise since coming back from Covid with added bulk and focusing his energy of his team with Myron Reed while Ace Austin has been killing it on TV weekly while also branching out, expanding his network and making himself sought out.
DEATH MATCH: Colby Corino vs Atticus Cogar

Blake Christian vs Starboy Charlie
Calvin Tankman vs Cole Radrick
Jimmy Lloyd vs Benjamin Carter AJ Gray (?): After the two biggest matches of his short but amazing career, Ben Carter was tested Covid Positive. Here is hoping that quarantining till The Collective allows this match to happen as this is a dream for Jimmy and I don’t know who he would choose as Option B. EDIT Update: Unfortunately Carter won’t be cleared by Friday (or doesn’t want to take the risk). I don’t know if AJ Gray was Option B or just another great match that obviously will be very different than the one with Ben would’ve been.
Smoking Budz vs Ellis Taylor & Charlie Tiger (YDNB) vs Steve Sanders & Dyln McKay (Hi-02010) vs Top Flight (Airwolf & Lucha Angel)
1 Called Manders vs Logan Stunt: A true David vs Goliath, even more so than “Wildheart” and Tankman. Manders is the cowboy we all need, but Logan has some of the most educated feet out there.

Erick Stevens vs Brett Ison
Allie Kat vs Davienne: These two had their first ever encounter last year at Uncharted Territory for Beyond. It’ll be great to see what they do in this showcase
To Infinity and Beyond (Delaney & Cheech) vs Violence is Forever (Ku x Garrini)
Jaden Newman vs Anthony Henry
A.C. Mack vs 1 Called Manders
Jake Something vs O’Shay Edwards: The HOSS wars are all going to be something.
Nolan Edward vs AJ Gray


Daniel Makabe vs Lee Moriarty: Easily could the show stealer, and by that I mean of the entire weekend. Makabe not long ago was called the #2 Best Technical wrestler period. Since that time lots has changed, he automatically became #1 because reasons, but hasn’t had many opportunities to prove that. This match against Taiga Style, who has quickly become one of the best period is that chance.

AIW World Title: Matthew Justice (c) w/ Fonzie vs Joshua Bishop w/ Wes Barkley (No Rope Barbed Wire)

Danhausen vs Mordecai Kevin Thorne?: Very evil, very nice, very angelic. This match is just going to be weird. Mordecai isn’t even a wrestler anymore but I know he goes to 11 when its time to and against one of the most interesting, charismatic talents he better.

Karate Man vs “Filthy” Tom Lawlor (The Rematch!)

Lee Moriarty vs Alex Shelley vs Tre Lamar
Mr. Brickster vs Mance Warner

Bitcoin Boyz vs Alie Katt & Levi Everett
Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham vs Zach Thomas vs Derek Dillinger vs PB Smooth

Dominic Garrini vs. Erick Stevens
AIW Tag Titles-Best Two out of Three Falls: To Infinity and Beyond (c) vs The Philly Marino Experience

This entire card is absolutely insane. While it is specific to its point of being For The Culture it is also legitimately some dream matches and matches one may never seen again anywhere else just because of how the industry is.
2 Cold Scorpio vs AR FOX
Calvin Tankman vs Willie Hobbs Jon Davis O’Shay Edwards
JTG vs Trey Miguel
AJ Gray vs Dezmond Xavier
ACH vs Lee Moriarty
PAWD Championship: Trish Adora vs Suge D
Faye Jackson vs Devon Moore vs Marti Belle vs Willow Nightingale
Top Flight (Angel Dorado & Airwolf) vs 40 Aces (Tre La’Mar & Pretty Boy Smooth) vs SZN (Tasha Steelz & Christian Casanova)

SATURDAY (10/10/2020)

Effy vs Priscilla Kelly: Kelly had to pull out last minute fior an emergency but I tust EFFY will have a quality opponent.

The Twink BEAR & Twink Gauntlet featuring PARROW, Logan Stunt, Jared Evans, Devon Moore, Jimmy Lloyd, Juicy Jimmy, Tyler Klein, Calvin Couture, Molly McCoy, Dyln McKay)

Cassandro vs Sonny Kiss
Dark Sheik vs Still Life With Apricots and Pears: Legitimately two of my favorite talents period. Also two of my favorite individuals. Against each other.
CRANBERRY (Effy’s big eared cute doggie)
SGC (1 Man Called Maders, Matthew Justice, Mance Warner, AJ Gray) vs. MV Young, Billy Dixon, Joshua Wavra & O’Shay Edwards: I love everyone in this match but MV, Billy and Josh are also fam.
Allie Kat vs Jamie Senegal
Seastars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) vs Ashton Starr and A.C. Mack
Tony Deppen explores his options

Topflight (Air Wolf & Lucha Angel) vs Gaytanic Panic (EFFYHausen) vs Dan the Dad & Allie Kat: Honestly not sure which of the Gaytanic matches I’m more excited for, this or the crazy one they have against MAJOR former talents who are still great later in the week.

ACH vs AJ Gray

The North (Page & Alexander) vs Alex Zayne & Blake Christian
Mike Outlaw vs Lee Moriarty
Bullrop match: Manders vs Jake Something: HOSSes in A BULLROPE MATCH!

Hyan & Laynie Luck vs Sisters of Destruction (Blair Onyx & Elayna Black): A Unicorn, a Spider, a Deathdealer, and well… Hyan.
Midwest Territory Championship: Kylie Rae vs Hakim Zane w/ Karam
Devon Monroe vs Stephen Wolf vs Jody Threat vs Kody Lane: A nice added surprise match
IWTV Championship: WARHORSE (c) vs. Zachary Wentz

7PM Spring Break 4-Ever
Jonathan Gresham vs Lee Moriarty
Ethan Page’s Clusterfuck (with the Walmart Boys, JTG, Yoshihiko, Starboy Charlie, Cassandro, Thunderkitty, Levi Everett, Kung-fu Janela, Elayna Black, Flash Flanagan, Allie Kat, Willow Nightingale, Nasty Leroy, Dustin Thomas, Kerry Morton, “I’m Working on Dying”(Dyln McKay and Steve Sanders), Billie Starkz, Eric Ryan, Atticus Cogar, Eddy Only, Gregory Iron, Robert Anthony, Frank the Clown))
Alex Shelley vs Tony Deppen: Deppen’s single announced match for The Collective with literally one of the best ever.
Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs IRON BEAST (KTB and Shane Mercer)
DEATHMATCH: Matt Tremont vs Alex Colon: There will be Blood… and lots of it.

Joey Janela vs Ricky Morton

ACH vs Lio Rush: The match that should’ve happened, could’ve happened, never happened can finally happen and will.
Rickey Shane Page Open Challenge
Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson, Ortiz & Santana) vs Alex Zayne, Blake Christian and Jordan Oliver

MIDNIGHT Freelance
Commentary by Val Capone and Sterling Richards
There’s a lot of clowns on this show. I mean actual literal clowns.
EFFY vs Robert Anthony /w Frank the Clown

Isaias Velasquez vs Lee Moriarty
Faye Jackson vs Laynie Luck
Elayna Black vs Alex Zayne vs Blake Christian vs Craig Mitchell vs Storm Grayson
Shane Mercer vs Ethan Page vs Colby Corino
Warhausen (Warhorse/Danhausen) vs Brothers of Funstruction (FU Tag Champs)

Freelance Championship: Kylie Rae vs Josh Alexander

SUNDAY (10/11/2020)

Mid-West Championship? Alex Shelley (c) vs Anthony Henry
Carlito Colon & Chris Masters vs Gaytanic Panic

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor & Erick Stevens vs Heath (Miller) and Fred Drosser
Through the circumstances of one individual, four of these amazing talents were cancelled out (not by them or the promotion). I feel BLP will make as good on this as possible.
“Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander vs “Legit” Leyla Hirsch: The best of any intergender match announced
JD Drake vs Blake Christian
Killer Kelly vs “Killer” Kylie Rae: This should be a banger
BAD MOTHERFUCKER SCRAMBLE: Big Beef vs Jody Threat vs Matthew Justice vs AJ Gray vs Levi Everett vs Gary Jay vs Air Wolf vs Joshua Bishop
BLP Tag Team Titles: Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) (c) vs Violence is Forever (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini)
#1 Contender’s Match: Ethan Page vs Calvin Tankman vs Isaias Velazquez vs Alex Zayne
BLP Championship: Jake Something (c) vs WARHORSE

SHIMMER Championship: Kimber Lee(c) vs Nicole Savoy
Kenzie Paige vs Nevaeh
Heather Monroe vs Leyla Hirsch
Kayla & Sierra vs The Bird and The Bee (Solo Darling & Willow Nightingale)
Davienne vs Lacey Evans
Thunderkitty vs Hyan
Holidead vs Zoey Skye
Alysin Kay & Marti Belle vs Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)

8PM Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport
Alexander James vs Calvin Tankman
Erik Hammer vs Grizzly Kal Jak
“Weapon X” Matt Makowski vs Simon Grimm: I am so excited to see Matt show everyone what he can really do.
Jon Moxley vs “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs Homicide
D.B. Smith Jr. vs “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander
Tournament ROUND ONE: Lindsay Snow vs “Legit” Leyla Hirsch
Tournament ROUND ONE: Allysin Kay vs Killer Kelly

11:30 PM Paradigm
Kevin Ku vs Dominic Garrini: Only their second ever one on one but they as a tag team and as members of Team Filthy wasn’t the big deal it is now. This is going to be a War
UWFI Rules: Hoodfoot vs Erick Stevens 2

Calvin Tankman Scramble with Freddie Hudson, Billie Starkz, Miles Morales, Jaidan, Zay Washington, Adam Slade, Dylan Derringer and Shawn Kemp (Tankman’s special request)
No Rules: Alex Colon vs Bobby Beverly: We might see a death to end Collective
Cole Radrick vs Flash Thompson
Sugar Dunkerton vs O’shay Edwards

Sonico vs Chase Holliday

Trios Deathmatch: The Rejects (Akira, Reed Bentley, John Wayne Murdoch) vs Earl’s Army (Nolan Edward, Juicy Jimmy, Hardway Heeter)
Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Deathmatch: Bradley Prescott the IV vs Matthew Justice

This is still not a complete and final card. Some wrestlers may be replaced, some matches may change, there are matches still to be announced. This line up as it is now though is solid as all and we at Pop-Culture Spectrum are very very excited for the experience.

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