The 9th Annual Designer Toy Awards Nominations Are Now Open!

Before P-CS started running out of room for all the exciting stuff, they were big on collecting vinyls, handmade plushes, colorways and all that good stuff. They still keep their eye on the toy industry even though their focus is more traditionally street art, stickers, enamel pins and mural work. Many artists comes from that world or artists from that world inspire “toys”, so this is up the website’s alley. Below is the official press release.

Nominations are officially open for the 9th annual Designer Toy Awards!

Presented by Clutter, the Designer Toy Awards (DTAs) is an annual event honoring excellence and innovation in the field of Designer Toys. With categories like Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Toy of the Year and Artist of the Year (among many others) the DTAs highlight the year’s best designs, concepts and accomplishments by both veterans and newcomers in the diverse world of Designer Toys.

Running from February 4th until February 28th, 2019 (6 pm EST), nominations can be submitted now through the website

This year’s awards will accept nominations for releases, artists, and companies, that were active from January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018.

So Get Nominating…

Head on over to the Designer Toy Awards website and answer our “Call For Entries” by adding those worthy from 2018, and don’t forget… only nominated items can be considered for the awards. If you want your work to be considered please nominate it, nominations are confidential and there is no shame in nominating yourself or your own product!

Start Nominating Now!

How do the Awards work?

1. Open Nominations –  Call for entries is open for anyone (yourself included) to make a relevant nomination. Nominations are private and will be used to determine the Finalists.

2. Nomination Committees –  The DTAs host small committees of industry professionals and fans, carefully matched to categories in order to take the list of nominations and to determine the Finalists. The committees meet and discuss every entry, using the published list of award criteria to make their selections. These will be published on the website as the year’s official Finalists.

3. Voting – We run two voting blocks:

DTA Panel: DTA Panel: Industry professionals make up the DTA panel. They are charged with voting once per category for the winner in the panel-voted awards. Each year new panel members are added to keep our list as diverse and relevant as possible.

Fan Voted: The public voters contribute by getting one vote per category (which is ensured by tracking IP addresses and other means of maintaining voter integrity).

4. Winners – Winners of each category are determined by the most votes in each category.  Clutter, nor The Designer Toy Awards, or Five Points Festival staff, vote in or “choose” the winners.

5. Awards Ceremony – The awards are presented at a ceremony on June 1st, 2019, during the weekend of Five Points Festival. For members of the public to attend the ceremony, you must purchase a VIP ticket for Five Points Fest.

Keep rocking and collecting!
– DTA Crew

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