Stunning Rotoscoped Narrative Adventure Frank and Drake Reveals PlayStation and Xbox Release Date, Xbox Demo


Frank and Drake, the gorgeous rotoscoped narrative adventure starring an unlikely duo solving a conspiracy, developed by Appnormals and published by Chorus Worldwide, uncovers new pieces of the conspiracy today.


• PlayStation 4 & 5: Launching Thursday, July 20, alongside previously announced Nintendo Switch and Steam versions

• Xbox One + Series X|S: These versions also launch on Thursday, July 20, with a demo debuting today as part of ID@Xbox Demo Fest 2023

Choice-based gameplay with branching paths lies at the heart of Frank and Drake’s tale. Choose dialogue options throughout various scenarios across the span of seven in-game days. Piece together multiple endings to gain insight into the broader scope of just how far this conspiracy goes.

Frank and Drake tells the tale of two unlikely roommates in the Baltimore-inspired Oriole City, as they work to uncover a strange conspiracy. Opposing lifestyles create a day and night cycle, partly due to Drake’s mysterious solar allergy. The two rely on asynchronous means of communication and puzzle solving to arrive at the source of it all.

Frank and Drake launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on Thursday, July 20.

For more information, follow Appnormals and Chorus Worldwide on Twitter, and visit the official Frank and Drake page on Chorus Worldwide’s website.


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