Steam Next Fest October 2023 (Part 2)

The fest truly is big. Some demos are larger than others. Some make you want to explore as much as you can because who knows when you’ll play the whole game? Some take 30 minutes, some take 2-3 hours withstanding. Here are 5 more demos I played to completion and truly enjoyed to discuss and tell you (the universal) to go check out yourself.

Imagine if everyone on The Truman Show didn’t know they were on it. Now imagine if someone who worked in production found out someone would be eliminated and they for reasons to be told wanted to save this person. Now take that but turn it into a video game that is half puzzle platformer and half first person narrative puzzle exploration. You get America Arcadia. The demo gives a perfect taste of this for me personally highly anticipated game, which trailers only gave a glimpse of. Now that I know how it’ll actually play? I really am all in.

A very basic and also in ways simple low pixel side scrolling brawler/shooter, yet through the mechanics of “powers” becomes very interesting. You jump, you punch, you kick, you shoot, you dodge, you parry, you melee but the world around you and some of the weapons you get, that’s what changes things up here. Very easy to pick up and play as well. The little in jokes, the writing, this is something. No puzzles, just hand/eye and a tale.

Also a pixel art game, but a horror survival puzzle this time. The demo I don’t believe ever gets to the combat part of things, but the other vibes are there. Solving where to go, what to do next to trigger events, and what a dark sad event. These circus characters are full of life in their dialogue and backstory, and the main with being a clown who now suffers delusions in a horror game where there may or may not be dead bodies or all his friends from the circus reunion for 8 years ago might not exist is… a lot. It also is NOT what I expected. From trailers I thought this would be a point and click, but the gameplay surprised me pleasantly by being different.

I have played and beaten this before but I still really had fun. If you have not been a dog who doesn’t care yet, then go be one and be as expectant as I am for Rotub’s game/toy. I loved the graphical improvements and the ability to interact with way more than I could before, destruction is fun. How much trouble will Doggy get into when the parrot sends him into the city? There’s not much more to say here, it’s just adorable and zen while also making you think a bit and well, doggy don’t care.

I don’t know how to describe this, but here goes. Among many other emails, you get a friend asking you to buy them soup. Using hints from other emails, you go to other websites, you find info, you input info, you play games on an old computer, you listen to music, you watch videos, you send emails, you read emails, eventually, you get soup and then? Well… then the demo ends. It’s a trippy experience inside a computer… but is it all in the computer?

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