SDCC 2023 FOMO Report

The HULU Animation off-site is visually stunning. Seeing The Wall from Solar Opposites as a real thing? Going behind the counter of Bob’s Burgers? Walking through the office factory Futurama’s Planet Express? Wowsa and they free give-away?!?!?

The off-site for Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe is immersive performance and art piece ala the level of Meow Wolf with its details. I’ve only seen one video of it but what I saw… experience bar none.

New comic company DSTLRY’s con debut with special preview books, signings and more.

LEGO’s Brickbuster based on old VHS/DVD rental store Blockbuster is a dazzling activation of fun. Between Lego charactering IPs not seen before in LEGO, displaying classic hard to find LEGO sets and new ones and just the entire concept. Awesomesauce.

Nickelodeon’s activation for AVATAR/KORRA really caught my attention in videos.

Dazed & Confused and That 70’s Show anniversary pop-ups at Petco Park.

and I am sure so much more on the show floor, but so far no videos I have seen have done a really grand tour. There’s lots of toys and figure displays which after all the original non mainstream IP stuff I’ve seen at shows like 5 Points Festival doesn’t hold my interest.

The experiences though, that is what I feel the most FOMO for and the first two I mentioned seem to have been truly great ones. I am sure there were others as well but I have not seen footage of them.


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