Scarf: a beautifully crafted 3D platformer coming on Christmas!

Kick back and relax, experience a rich world with unexpected deep storytelling lore, all packed in a family-friendly manner.
Salamanca, Spain/Giebelstadt, Germany, 3rd December 2021:
The gorgeous and exciting 3D single-player adventure platformer takes you on a wholesome journey. Give yourself or a loved one a treat. SCARF is coming to you on 23rd December 2021 on Steam and GOG!

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And to remember that you are not alone out there in these troubling times, we think it is essential for the community to have access to good quality games at a reasonable price. Therefore the full game will have a 10% launch discount.

What does it mean to be a hero? To fulfi l your destiny? Or to
rebel against it? Scarf is an exciting adventure that blends the
lyricism of a walking simulator with a 3D platform game to
off er an allegorical journey through three beautiful worlds. The
Meadow, the Desert, and the Mountain are places filled with
mystery. Will you discover their secrets? And at what price?

• Immerse yourself in a metaphorical tale without words,
which reflects on what it means to be a hero. With your
scarf as your only ally, your mission is to trap the rebellious
souls that have created their own worlds.
• Explore three beautiful 3D landscapes, each with its own
unique mechanics. As you enter each world, your scarf will
learn new abilities that will allow you to overcome the
toughest challenges. Jump, glide or slide as you discover
the secrets of the Plains, the Desert and the Mountain.
• Discover a rich mythology connected with the great issues
of today: diversity, globalisation, ecology, freedom. Scarf
tells its story purely through images; each player must
reconstruct their version of the facts by exploring the
three worlds.
• Enjoy an audiovisual section that will transport you to a
fantasy dimension filled with light and colour. And also
shadows. Scarf should be played with serene composure,
savouring the beauty of each landscape

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