The most indie game of the year Orten Was The Case is now available on PC and Consoles

The hyper singular time loop based adventure game is a real masterpiece!

Stockholm, Sweden November 29th 2023 – Orten Was the Case, the most indie video game of the year is now available on PC (Steam and Epic), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Developed with love and passion over the last decade by Oskar Thuresson, the unique looking adventure takes you on a journey like no other! This lore driven single player detective/puzzle/adventure game set in a fictional mid 90’s Swedish metropolis suburb transcends the time loop concept to blow your mind!

Control Ziggy, a simple guy in his early teens with no high-flying ambitions whatsoever. He wakes up after a blackout seemingly clueless of what has happened, only to discover he’s now stuck in a time loop. Discover the mysteries of this very particular neighborhood inspired by the developer’s home town! What did the miners uncover in the Gravel Pit 60 years ago? What is the Midnight Council? Why are you stuck in a time loop and how can you break free?

Make your way down the deepest caves and tunnels below Orten where answers and more await…

A mind bending time loop mechanic

Happenings and events unfold dynamically as time passes by. NPCs living their life and doing what they do, each loop is the same. Unless you can change the outcome of things.. Solve puzzles, find hidden passages, collect clues and talk to the inhabitants of Orten. Someone, or something must have the answers needed to break free from the loop and it’s up to you to figure it all out!

Get ready to step into the (non-existent) shoes of Ziggy – an unexpected hero from a fictional Swedish neighborhood. Together, you’ll take on the daunting task of foiling a sinister scheme that could potentially devastate the entire world.

  • Stuck in a Time Loop – Ziggy wakes up one day with a strange mark on his hand, clueless about what happened the night before. After a couple of minutes lost amongst the familiar streets of his suburb, Orten, an explosion brings him back exactly where he woke up moments before… He’s stuck in a time loop.
  • Not everything is What it Seems – With no shoes or recollection of the past, Ziggy goes on a mission to discover what the hell is going on and how to avoid the destruction of his city. This won’t be easy though, cause the more he snoops in the wrong places, the more he learns that his hometown has a lot of secrets hidden. His weird neighbors become weirder, and he can only rely on his friends, and on his highly reliable brain.
  • Knowledge is Power – If the day repeats over and over, then how can one progress? That’s the catch: Knowledge is your key to progress in Orten. Each loop you go through, you will learn something new that will let you progress the story further. With this time loop mechanic, you’ll retain clues, notes, and timeline events, eventually knowing how you can change the future in just 12 minutes on a casual Sunday.
  • A Beautiful and unique Art-Style – Orten Was The Case offers a fully hand-painted art-style and a 2,5 D design. Walking around the town feels like evolving in a painting, a very stunning and curious one that is! 

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