On being too diverse and having not enough hours in a day for Expos

I feel like I am being torn this way and that in trying to schedule Book Expo America. There are some select events I’ve been invited to and they are complete competition time wise with other events of equal, lesser or greater interest. Mostly equal or greater, as if it was lesser there wouldn’t be an issue.

One would think that with the POWER READER Program, Thursday would be the most intense busiest day of the expo, but actually it’s day one for me. Day two isn’t any easier, but Day one is going to have me running around for autographs to booths to stages trying to keep up, get all the information or quality brain nuggets before going off to the next thing. Lots of things falling exactly at the same exact time, so it’ll be a game of “Guess where I need to go first so that I’m not waiting so long that I get to that first thing by the time the other things are done”.

I’ve had issues like this in the past at Book Expo and of course at New York Comic Con and even at smaller events like MoCCA-Fest or Art Festivals or Movie Festivals. The only place I don’t think this will ever become much of an issue for me is if I make it to PAX or E3 some day. In video games I only have three real joys, platforming, third person action/adventure-shooters and point & click adventure games. So unless Telltale, Doublefine, Halfbrick, and Naughty Dog had their panels/special exhibit giveaways at the same time, I’d be okay.

For specifics here, there’s a very cool demonstration of Disney Apps and it’s concurrent to four signings I really want to hit including a celebrity chef, two of my favorite comic artists, a super popular author and getting in line for the major best selling, line seems like it wraps around the entire Javits center each year, James Patterson.

Somehow I always make it work out for myself and have fun, but that doesn’t change the fact that I wish I could be more centered and choice selective so I wasn’t running ground, but I am who I am and the website wouldn’t be called Pop-Culture Spectrum if I was different.

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