Traditions De France had a small presentation next to a French perfume company. While the company started in 1889, a former VP of sales at the parfume company chose to bring his grandmothers recipes Traditions to America upon a lack of finding candies of the type in the states. I have tasted the various fruit and also rose flavored and they were delicious.

Burlap & Barrel put out single origin spices coming from farms and locations all around the world. At the expo they gifted me Purple Shallot, Black Lime, Royal Cinnamon, Tomato Powder and Wild Mountain Cumin. I have used them in a variety of dishes including Australian lamb, Chicken thighs and rice and Eggplant.

The Nutr machine caught my attention at the show right away. I was able to actually procure an order for one. Since getting it earlier this week I have made Brazil Nut, Walnut and Hazelnut drinks and each have been amazing. I look forward to making macademia, pistachio and even some hot sunflower & pumpkin seed “soup”.

There were so many other wonderful food items at NY NOW to be aware of including Raaka Chocolate, It’s NOLA Granola, Food Crayon, Olde Haven Farm and Wildwood Chocolate.

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