New York Comic Con 2012: Day 4

The final day of Comic Con had absolutely nothing permanent on the schedule. There were a smattering of panels that were of interest to me, but for the most part this was my day to just not think about schedules or anything and finally enjoy the show floor a bit and let time dwindle away without a care in the world.

I took this time and opportunity to finally check out some of the video game booths which I knew would occupy real amounts of my time. First up was DMC-Devil May Cry, the reboot of the franchise from developer Ninja Theory. While playing in a loud environment, standing up without the ability to just relax and play meant that I had something difficulty fulling getting a grip of things, I was definitely sold on this game. I’ll want it eventually for my consoles as it covers all the basics I like in third person action-adventure. After that I decided to sit in for the Assassin’s Creed III theater where they had some well known girl gamer from the net do an actual play level than just a random video.

From there I went to try out MARVEL HEROES where I got into my first and only aggressive situation all show when a guy literally broke in front of line in front of me when I noticed I dropped something. I told the guy running the booth, but this guy just said “Mine” and I came very close to smashing his skull into the TV till I remembered that was illegal and unnecessary. I just wanted to play the demo to get points to score the very awesome T-shirt. Booth guy saw the encounter and just handed me cards. This was the most intense system of having to do something for freebies all show. All worth it though, cause damn that shirt is awesome.

After being on the floor I decided I would try to make it to a panel or so. The panel I decided to check out was the screening of The Following. On the way there I was happy to bump into Jamar Nicholas and I want to publicly thank him for just a few seconds of goodness. I’ve been a fan and friend of Jamar’s for a long time now. Going on almost I think 20 years actually as crazy as that seems, but since I’ll be 34 at the end of the year and I met the majority of folks when I was 15/16 then yes… that long ago.

The Following was crowded as all let out once I got in there and the only realistic seat I found was where I couldn’t see the screen, so it was uncomfortable to watch. I lasted about 20 minutes before deciding that I’ll just watch the series in January or whenever FOX airs it. I couldn’t find out any info on Press Hours or such, so whatever. The other major headache though was that the crowd clapped during the show, at where there would be commercial interruptions, etc. As if we were watching a broadway show instead of a TV screening. Yes, the cast are there, but still annoying as all let out especially after four full days of con.

I ended up deciding to go to the Press Lounge just to get some time alone for relaxation and next thing I know I bump into my buddy Lou J. Auguste and I’m recruited to help him shoot for the day on a documentary he’s working on. That ended up taking up the rest of the day. I did actually pop my head into the Sleeping Dogs panel to find out about the Nightmare DLC, but the developers were very uninteresting conversationalists discussing the history of the game and its development so I ducked out. I’ve read my share of articles and seen much more intriguing talks about the history of the game, I just wanted info on Nightmare DLC and hoping maybe a Sleeping Dogs giveaway, but I found myself literally falling asleep, so back to the press room I went.

We went to the show floor, Lou, myself and his two documentary co-stars Michelle and Jon and we filmed footage, talked and just enjoyed the floor. At this point more just appreciating the insanity that is Con and for me seeing it through newcomers fresh eyes, which is always a fun experience. Once done filming we met up with John J. of Adult Swim Central (not to be confused with Adult Swim, but just as awesome) and we walked the floor, bumping into various people, actually discovering booths I’d not seen in the three days prior (that is how HUGE the convention is) till the lights were shut down and volunteers went on megaphones to kick people out.

The convention finally came to and end and we all met up again, then said our goodbyes and that was it for me and five days of wildness. Except for recovering now from my first case of Con Crud after over 20 years of going to conventions (I think my first convention/conference of any kind was when I was around 10) and editing hours of video footage. Some of that is available now and some it is is coming in spurts, rendering is hell.

Coming Next are specific articles!

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