Nerd Notes (6/22/23)

A new trailer for BMD’s cartoon PoolGuyz. This show is so simple yet going to be so fun. Get on the ground floor!

Venture Bros. isn’t the only movie coming to digital! Metalocalypse gets a proper movie finale as well!

Michael Kupperman magic from The Nib.

Future Shock

Dumb Money looks like a wonderful film.

AEW: Fight Forever comes out next week and looks better and better with each video and presentation. Pop-Culture Spectrum will bring its own views after release.

Indiana Jones coffee from Bones!







Watch this Mayhem video… just do it.

and for the exclusive track this little mini movie shows the “making of” head over to here on Spotify. Rock On acoustically (a truly different version than the one on the album)!

the Rocksteady games are my faves, very cool to see a new rendition of them.

Lerner has some very cool graphic novels to check out.

The Magic of Graphic Novels

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