Nerd Notes (5/30/23)

A super long and in some cases outdated but still important edition of Nerd Notes!

Very good friend of P-CS’s Pollo Del Mar aka Paul Pratt has put together an OFFICIAL magazine for the current incarnation of the National Wrestling Alliance. Designed to look like the sister magazine to pst PWI’s it is an excellent read for wrestling fans all over.

A recent episode of the D23 Podcast brought on the Electric Mayhem and I feel the show, and this podcast has plenty standing time to be enjoyed.

Tour footage of Sabrina Carpenter.

New AC game trailer with gameplay.

ICV2 did a long interview with Bud Plant, one of the earliest comic book store owners still going today. It is in written form and also in three videos. Really worth watching and reading.

Every Ashnikko video is magical.

This 12 minute video makes truly wish I had a PS5 but if I did I’d just spend all day playing this and doing nothing else.

Good music and visuals.

This long description of an experience known as the Belmond British Pullman Murder Mystery seems like a dream vacation indeed.


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