Nerd Notes (4/17/23)

A hodgepodge of trailers, music videos and a free video game link.

Take a 2016 short by Nick Vokey & Nate Sherman, bring in Carson Mell to expand it. Get Luke Wilson to voice the lead and you get Fired On Mars, the series.

Music videos that tell stories and also are amazing music creating eye and ear candy are my favorite.

The new trailer for The Boogeyman is cut really well and makes the jump scare thriller from a team of writers & directors behind some of the aughties best and most popular horror movies ever based on a 1970s Stephen King short story and unrelated to the prior film series of the same name.

Less story and more stimulating visuals here, but man… that beat.

Helen Mirren is always fantastic. I am putting trust that the writer, director and production team worked hard to adapt R.J. Palacio’s heavily researched graphic novel (which I proudly own a copy of)… the trailer shows promise for White Bird.

ACME FOOLS and WB100 celebration continues as Looney Tunes gets mashed up with The Flintstones. What will be next? There’s plenty from the WB catalog to do..

A movie about making a movie starring a dog. Came out in 2019 and available on AU platforms but finally getting official US distribution.

8-Bit Universe always rocks it and here they do it again with the Gary Numan classic CARS.

and while you can, go grab puzzle game illie for free on Indie Gala:

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