Nerd Notes (10/13/23)

As always these are ICYMI. They are not endorsements or promotions.

An A24 sponsored series… they rule with films and release wild esteric horror. Very interested to see what a series they chose to pick up is like.
A fuller trailer to the Bennett & Huettner series developing their 2016 short into a full series. This is a thing Max has been doing with animators and it’s created excellent stuff.
The newest SNL short film phenomenon made their first full length feature.
I am not a Christmas fan, but I am an Eddie Murphy fan. I also love Reginald Hudlin films and the script is an original personal story from Kelly Younger, who has “cracked his teeth” at Disney Animation, Pixar and Muppets as well as in plays.
Pepetual Doom’s Stay Tuned is a personal favorite and this is another brilliant cover from the project.
2:44 of pop perfection.
This looks captivating.
Episode 1 and 2 of Night Eyes by mukpuddy are now out. All mukpuddy cartoons are the bestest.
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