Nerd Notes 1-9-2024

Netflix did this awesome activation out in Manilla. I would’ve loved this. Check out the graphic explaining it.

The latest Liquid Death promotion is wild, but it’s also just a long line of wild Liquid Death marketing.
Very loosely based on the book of the same, this romantic dramedy looks charming in its storytelling technique.
Despite it being on “Fox Nation” this is just a clever and fun six part docuseries inspired by a 2006 book. The author of said book appears in pieces of the show as well which maintains its entertainment through Ackroyd, Belushi and their guests just having fun while also teaching.
Not a remake of the film but a new adaptation based on the book. Do not get confused or complain. I wish more movies based on books got new adaptations from different visionaries.
Japanese Screamo death metal pop rock. English track.
I just love this commercial.
Coming to Kickstarter soon this CGI cartoon has promise.
I also love this cartoon, and this couple is so cute.
Be very curious who other than Lionel Ritchie and Huey Lewi they talked to since that’s all the trailer shows of newly shot footage. Not sure if all this behind the scenes of the chaos has been seen before. A lot of it has, especially Dylan’s struggles, but this shows things were chaotic to get the final product.
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