Mage’s Initiation Preview and PR

Initial quick thoughts via preview:

The Quest For Glory feel is real.  Understanding the RPG elements while still maintaining that point n click puzzle/talk/explore everything type game. The music is what caught my attention first, then the graphical style with combines 8-bit with more modern cartoony animation. This visual style really goes well with the variety of gameplay style. I for my quick run through only tested the visual coin but am very curious to see how the Sierra bar and compact UI function.  Story wise I can feel how big and intriguing the plot shall be just from the tasks presented and the dialogue with the initial characters.  This is going to be a not miss for fans of a variety type of games and I feel from that I assume you can actually get any of the Elements to work with multiple replay value. In 2019 P-CS shall have more to say but for now I have a feeling based on games I am aware of for 2019 that are available for computers (currently P-CS is without any modern consoles) it’ll land on a personal top 10.

For now here is some of excellent advance PR on this promising game:


So, you want to be a Mage? Then mark your calendar for the January 30 release of Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements — a lovingly crafted old-school adventure/RPG ten years in the making.

About Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements
Sixteen-year-old D’arc has spent most of his life confined to the Mage’s Tower, studying elemental magic under the instruction of Ele’Wold’s most accomplished scholars. Now his skills will be put to the test with three quests across a mystical land he knows only from stories and dreams.

But something’s rotten in Ele’Wold: the realm’s once benevolent winged guardians have turned hostile and restless redcap goblins are on the warpath. Can D’arc pass his initiation *and* rescue a kingdom on the brink of chaos?

Mage’s Initiation is an adventure/RPG hybrid inspired by the venerable Quest for Glory (a.k.a. Hero’s Quest) and King’s Quest series by Sierra On-Line. It’s the second commercial adventure game from Himalaya Studios, who have also released four free remakes of classic Sierra games under the moniker Anonymous Game Developers Interactive (AGDI).


  • Choose from four character classes — Fire Mage, Air Mage, Water Mage, or Earth Mage — each with unique magical spells and puzzle solutions.
  • Explore a vibrant fantasy world with hand-drawn graphics reminiscent of the Sierra, LucasArts, and Revolution adventure games of the early 1990s.
  • Select between three point & click interfaces: a Sierra-style icon bar, a LucasArts-style verb coin, or a streamlined compact UI.
  • Run into combat for an RPG experience, or avoid it for pure adventure.
  • Automatically gain new strengths, spells, and abilities as your character improves — no stat grinding required!
  • Get your money’s worth: branching storyline and optional side quests provide replay value.
  • Fully voiced and lip-synced.


Mage’s Initiation Development Background
In August 2001, the team behind Mage’s Initiation released their first game, a free remake of Sierra’s King’s Quest I with VGA graphics and a point & click interface. In the nearly two decades since, they have created three more Sierra remakes (King’s Quest IIKing’s Quest IIIQuest for Glory II) and one commercial adventure (Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine) — each a labor of love meticulously developed by a small core team focused on recapturing the magic of the games they grew up playing.

Development of Mage’s Initiation began in 2009 after a community poll identified an adventure/RPG as the type of game their fans most wanted. In 2013, the team raised over $125k on Kickstarter to supplement the development.

Steam page:

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