LudoNarraCon 2020 – A Not Miss Steam Event

The actual Convention itself ends TODAY, the 27th but many of the demos will not expire till after and there are a few games to truly take notice of.

Chinatown Detective Agency is a point & click with painted art, pixel art, and puzzles which you must pay attention to the game and also research on search engines for. It’s quality stuff and its matching images for hacking is also easy but really nice.


Paradise Killer is a third person murder mystery in an anime inspired world. Heavy original lore, complicated plot and lots to follow and investigate. This is still really in its early stages but the demo is worth checking.


Suzerain is a political simulator with tons of replay value. This game will always feel like you failing, but it is the nature of running a country in continual upheaval. Make choices, determine economy, make alliances and see how it all builds or crumbles.


Over the Alps is a true narrative choose your adventure by way of postcards. A spy story where you can truly decide what direction the story will take from a multiple of emotions. An intriguing experience to definitely have.


And this is just a sampling of the games featured in Ludonarracon on Steam now. I believe the page will be hosted till May 1st for all the demos.

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