It’s A Wrap! Off the SET! (game review)

Disclaimer: It’s A Wrap! was provided to PCS for review gratis. This reflected the review in neither positive or negatives, all views are purely from the experience and skill level of the reviewer.

It’s A Wrap! is puzzle platformer where the puzzles and the platforming both start quite easy and then get much harder and at least for me not experentially without a high degree of patience and willinging to try and try again. When it comes to video games that is not me. It does not make the game bad or good, it is just not me. I also don’t have the greatest controller skills. I don’t play FPS for that reason. I tend to stick to games that for the most part are easy or can be set on a “story” mode. That is not an option or setting in this, at least not from my searching at present time. Again, not a deterrent.

The first thing I must praise is the graphics. The art style is excellent, the animation is fantastic, the character designs burst with flavor. The cut scenes are clever and wile have no voice acting seem to still feel cinematic. The sound design and music is also polished, fits the themes and works really well in conjuction. The level design is where the game maybe falters a bit. While the editing bay concept is brilliant for the puzzle portion of the gameplay, I do wish the scripts were less outlandish, causing for scenarios that even when solving the editing pay issue, split second button pushing still matters in the platforming and this is where my personal skill fails me. It isn’t the game… it’s me I am positive. You (the universal you) are probably a better game player than me. I can figure out HOW to do something, physically doing it is another. So I can yell “jump now!” but you better be the one jumping when I saw now… not me yelling at me. You know? Like the director character in this game who has set up elaborate death traps and pretends they are normal stunt scenes. That isn’t the actual plot, just the feeling I got while playing.

Seriously, if you don’t mind having to die many many funny, well animated deaths to finally figure out not just the right puzzle solution but the exact timing on running and jumping than It’s A Wrap! is truly the game for you. On top that you’re getting laughs, three different movies/scenarios of completely different campy action adventure genres (Cave Explorer, Sci-Fi and Robots, Explosions and Crime) and even some human plot of frustration, drama, excitement and laziness from the actors, director, producers and all various other jobs [gaffer, sound, camera, set designers, costume, etc.].

I must state again there is a grind of frustration. This review got delayed because I was hoping maybe just maybe I could get further in the game than I have so it’d be a more polished fully entrenched one. The fact is I can’t even get past scene 4 in the first movie and my thumbs hurt because of it. Once again, NOT a bad thing. Just a truth of the matter. I had fun and tons of it, but at a certain point I realized I had to at called “It’s a Wrap!” so I could write about the game instead of playing it in hopes of completion. I can only hope you’ll do better or maybe you’ll be like me, but since you’re not reading a review and just playing, you have all the time you want.

“It’s A Wrap!” sells for $17.99 reguarly and is available for PC on Steam, Epic Games and GOG. It is also available on the Nintendo Switch.

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