Explore Love and Forgiveness in Emotional Platformer “In His Time” Available Today on PC

Take advantage of a special 20% discount during launch week

TOKYO – October 2nd, 2023 – In His Time, the narrative platformer developed by Tearyhand Studios and published by Kodansha Games Creator’s Lab, ventures toward virtue on Steam for PC today for $7.99 thanks to a 20% launch discount until Monday, October 9th.

Meet Olly, a little boy shouldering a big burden. The untimely passing of his father, combined with an illness-stricken mother, places family responsibilities in his hands. Household chores pile up, and grades start slipping. Where can Olly turn for solace? Embark on an emotional journey of faith based on true events experienced by the son of a Japanese pastoral family.

On top of overdue homework, pressure mounts from bullies at school. Navigate the throes of adolescent peer pressure as rule-breaking ruffians Bobby, Mila, and Hugo torment Olly. Succumb to this pressure by inadvertently joining their obstacle-filled extracurricular misadventures.

After following schoolyard troublemakers into a spooky mansion to steal items inside, deal with the ramifications of being caught by the mansion’s owner — a clockmaker named Joseph. Overcome with guilt, solve thought-provoking puzzles and riddles to return Joseph’s stolen goods in a quest to right one’s wrongdoings.

Will Olly be able to convince his classmates to return the watch parts? Will life at home prove unbearable? Can Joseph help cure Olly’s sick mother? Overcome life’s hardships, learn from mistakes, and persuade Bobby’s mischievous crew towards virtue through a series of mini-games. Witness a narrative journey of reconciliation, responsibility, forgiveness, faith, and self-discovery. 

“Growing up in a Christian home and being the son of a pastor,I considered becoming a pastor myself, but instead pursued my dream of game development as my own form of Christian ministry,” said Yona, CEO of Tearyhand Studios. “Thanks to Kodansha, I was able to tell an interactive story of the impact my father had on my life, and also create an aesthetically pleasing Christian gaming experience that will leave a positive impact on the world. My hope is that many gamers both enjoy the gameplay and take away valuable life lessons from the story.”

In His Time is now available for $7.99 until Monday, October 9th on Steam for PC, with language options in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. For more information, follow Yona on Twitter.

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