In Memoriam Musical Artists lost in 2020 (A Personal List)

This is not a comprehensive list of artists we lost in 2020. It is a list that I compiled for my own tributes of musicians and their music that has touched me in my life who left this plane of existence in 2020.
Here is a list of who is featured either as performer or songwriter on the following playlist:
Neil Peart (drummer from RUSH)
Bill Withers
Adam Schlesinger
Little Richard
Kenny Rogers
Sweet Pea Atkinson of Was (Not Was)
Nikki McKibbin
Spencer Davis
David Roback (Mazzy Star)
Derek Jones (Falling in Reverse)
Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk)
Chris Trousdale (Broadway and boy band Dream Street)
Johnny Nash
Eddie Van Halen
Frankie Banali
Ronald Bell, tenor sax in Kool & The Gang
Alan Merrill of ARROWS
Helen Reddy
Andrew Brough (Straitjacket Fits)
Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac

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