Fixed Web Hack in Pop-Culture Spectrum

UPDATE: I believe I on my own with no help of outside sources (neither WordPress or my site provider) finally found the issues and have locked the virus effecting this site off and out, but in case, I am leaving this note pinned with a read more if you are curious to history.

I have pinned this message to the top of Pop-Culture Spectrum in case you come across an article that seems off.

After throughly scrubbing this site there is a virus that still exists which post dates articles about Mail Order Brides, Cyber Hacking, and various other articles that this hub doesn’t endorse. Long tech calls with both my host provider and with WordPress have resulted in nothing.

I have to daily remove these articles as even rebuilding the site from scratch does not seem to remove the virus. The site would literally need to rebuilt, with every post and article backed up manually as a document and reuploaded and post dated such as the virus does. Please be aware and be kind.

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