IDW Publishing Proudly Welcomes Sunday Press Books Into its Publishing Family

The Leaders of Classic American Comic Strip Publication
Combine Forces

SAN DIEGO, CA (July 19, 2019) – Leading comic book and graphic novel publisher IDW Publishing announces today the inclusion of Sunday Press Books into its publishing family.

Sunday Press Books is a specialty publishing house best known for its restoration of classic American comic strips, reprinted as gorgeous hardcover editions in the original size and colors. The brainchild of Peter Maresca, Sunday Press has rekindled our collective fascination with such beloved features as Little Nemo in SlumberlandKrazy KatThimble Theatre, and more. These collections have received dozens of salutations and awards, including a stream of seventeen Will Eisner Comic Industry Award nominations for thirteen years running.

The partnership between IDW and Sunday Press will preserve Maresca’s independence and keen eye for curating American comic strips, both famous and forgotten, while bolstering the reach of distribution and marketing for its output. Acclaimed out-of-print collections will see new printings, and IDW will launch a digital publishing program, bringing these classics to a new generation of comics aficionados.

Peter Maresca says, “Since I accidentally became a publisher in 2005, my goal has been to do what no one was willing to do at the time: accurately recreate the experience of reading newspaper comics that were destined to disappear. But the business end has been daunting. Partnering with IDW allows me to take advantage of their experience and infrastructure to reach a broader audience while concentrating on the production of new editions.”

“The amazing restoration work and resultant books that Pete Maresca produces through Sunday Press is very much in sync with our own efforts to produce archival-quality reprints of the comics and newspaper strips that built the foundation of our entire industry,” says Chris Ryall, IDW’s President & Publisher/Chief Creative Officer. “We’re all ecstatic to be able to provide the support and publishing acumen to help his gorgeous books reach an even wider audience.”

Scott Dunbier, IDW’s Director of Special Projects and a peer in the world of archival restorations, says, “As someone who has been known to do big, unwieldy books from time to time, I can say without reservation that I am a long-time fan of what Pete Maresca does at Sunday Press Books. Having him team with IDW is a comic strip collector’s dream come true, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

IDW Publishing’s first Sunday Press publication, Little Joe (the uncredited work from Little Orphan Annie creator, Harold Gray), will debut in late 2019. Fans are encouraged to follow IDW Publishing website and social media for the latest updates on Sunday Press’ current and future releases.

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