Good Vibes on MTV, Interviews and Fun

On Thursday, October 27th, after the major return of Beavis & Butthead on MTV at 10:00 PM EST, an even possibly cooler show begins in the timeslot right after. That show is GOOD VIBES, a supercharged funny jaunt about a new kid in town, with surfing, rock stars, sex, drugs, surfing, babes, weird teachers, friends, surfing, and fun. It stars the voices of Adam Brody, Josh Gad, Olivia Thrilby, Alan Tudyk, Jake Busey and Debi Mazar. The animation style is excellent and being produced by folks fairly new to the animation scene it has that excellent feel of new, different and yet awesome.

I was lucky to be involved in a Press Hour at New York Comic Con and to be involved in roundtable interviews with the various talent. Here are the Youtube videos of that.

David Gordon Green and Olivia Thrilby

Adam Brody & Josh Gad

Debi Mazar

You should also go and check out Debi Mazar’s Under The Tuscan Gun and her cooking channel show Extra Virgin as well.

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