Don’t Die, Minerva! Coming Soon!

Creators of The Culling switch gears from battle battle royale to cute-and-spooky roguelike!

Ghouls, ghosts, spectres and shades are back this December when Don’t Die, Minerva! arrives in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.

Fresh from Xaviant, creators of The Culling, Rogue-like Don’t Die, Minerva! features challenging combat, procedurally generated levels, and grab bags full of loot. Mix and match gear to create electric teddy bears, frozen banana hurling monkeys, knockback flood lights, and more!

The forces of evil don’t stand a chance against 11-year-old Minerva, as she explores a haunted house, armed with an upgradeable flashlight and a backpack full of stuffed animals! Collect gear to survive and find shards to buy permanent perks, but be careful, die and you’ll lose it all!

Get ready for:

  • Procedurally generated levels set in 3 distinct biomes
  • Four difficulty levels to suit all tastes and skill levels
  • Randomized combat encounters featuring 18 ghostly enemy types
  • 3 challenging boss battles
  • Affix-based loot system providing Minerva with thousands of combinations of weapons and armor
  • Elemental attribute system that allows players to customize their build through gear selection and create synergies between different weapons
  • Full 3D isometric dungeon-crawling, built with the power of Unreal Engine 4
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