Cyan makes Mind-Bending Games (now and forever)

FIRMAMENT, currently out on Steam and GOG is as beautiful as it is difficult. Which is to say… a lot. I had the game for a week before it came out (DISCLAIMER), tried to beat on my own… failed. Read the walkthrough and got some confused that I decided that someone with a clearer head than mine would truly tackle it. The puzzles are not illogical, they aren’t a chore, they’re well thought out and clever, just like previous CYAN games. They’re just truly puzzles designed for the puzzle mind. Sometimes we are that and other times we stare at the screen confused even with the solution.  Look at the game though, it is beautiful.

(this screen shot from the devs, the two below made by playthrough)

While this review seems short and basic, the story itself at first seems so too, but the more you hear the voice of your guide in the game, the deeper it feels. It makes you want to propel to the end to get all the answers… even if it can be a struggle.

I reccomend it if you have patience, or even if you want to just zen out at the imagery even while completely lost and confused, it’s THAT pretty.

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