Creating Content during the SAG-AFTRA Strike

I have been a member of SAG since 1989 and thefore SAG-AFTRA since the merger. I wholly support our current strike against the AMTP. As a pop-culture journalist this makes certain things quite difficult though. In solidarity and care of requests of the union I am not sharing trailers of struck productions. I am not speaking of them unless crypitcally. It makes creating content therefore quite difficult. While I can focus on video games, the niche I play is quite niche. I could also post more street art, but the heat wave across America has made the idea of walking the streets unbearable.

Cartoon series are fair game it seems. So I can safely state that the FUTURAMA return was highly entertaining. It’ll be curious to see how they go forward. I have not yet watched the very anticipated Venture Bros. film as I wanted the full blu-ray experience and shipping for that has gotten very weird despite the July 25th release date.

I may have to resort to music, but a lot of that is also distributed by subsidiaries of Struck studios, so I’ll have to do some thinking. Posts will continue, but what they will be outside of comics and video games? I don’t know.

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