Book Expo America Day 2 AND 3 (Quick & Dirty)

As my entire weekend was filled with sun, beach and beautiful people I have yet to catch up fully.  I felt for the few readers I do/may have, I’d give a whirl of memories.

Spoke with Jimmy Fallon for what felt at least five minutes about music, the show, etc.

It was a rush over to Kevin Sorbo who ended up being just a little late, but not by much.  Charming fellow.

A blurry of booths happened along getting books and seeing folks.  I was so wired I barely ever tweeted.

Duff McKagan was awesome, although he seemed pretty blitzed and bewildered by the Book Expo.

For a Book Expo there sure were a lot of costumed mascots running around.

I was first in line for Joey Pantoliano, so luckily folks held my spot and I ran around grabbing a few more galleys and such.

I was on the line for Eoin Colfer at one point, but I had to give up.  I luckily got the ARC for Plugged and will devour it.  Would’ve loved to met the man, maybe a different, and much better setting will occur someday.

There was a surge of things to see and do.  Henry Rollins signing got canceled so I was able to find time to see Candace Cameron  and a bunch of book authors  that I’ll do reviews on, but there was so much, the order is just whabbaddadoo in my head.

I had a huge block of time to waste before my final book signing of the day with Chuck Palahniuk.  Luckily I bumped into a new friend and we walked around.

After Wednesday’s show I had a SAG screening of BEGINNERS to see.  I met up with my good buddy Rich Watson and it was a fab time with a Q & A with Christopher Plummer afterwards.

Thursday morning was a mad rush to get KILL ALEX CROSS and then to get myself a nice front row seat for Jane Lynch.  Both were pulled off beautifully.

I had only two other signings to get to on the final day.  That being Tom Wilson and Nick James.  Tom Wilson drew me a Ziggy with a MOHAWK because I jokingly made the request.

The rest of the show involved checking out booths I had missed out on from my Tues/Wed schedule.  I really enjoyed myself, discovering great books that would’ve otherwise missed my notice.

I came home, with bags FILLED to the brim and then went out once again to end my Book Expo experience with a bang by taking my mom to a SAG screening of THE HIGH COST OF LIVING followed by a Q & A with Zach Braff.

This QUICK & DIRTY will be followed up by many entries and notes.  Keep an eye out!

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