Bob Fingerman’s “From the Ashes”

YouTube – Bob Fingerman’s “From the Ashes” Commercial.

Bob Fingerman has been for a long time one of my favorite writers and artists in the world of comics.  With the release of his novel “Bottomfeeder” he also became one of my favorite writers ever and solidified this with the experimental “Connective Tissue”.  His comedic  tales such as “Otis Goes To Hollywood” and his zombie take in “Recess Pieces” were phenomenal (and I’m not a big zombie fan with Return of The Living Dead being truly the only zombie film I like and I believe even own on a home release).

“From the Ashes” is/was his post-apocalyptic tale, but is also as much of his work is, an autobiographical, introspective mirror of the soul full of political commentary satire and metaphorical insight into the world as a whole.  Sure Bob is  misanthropic (an understatement?), but he also has a very healthy and humorous disdain towards most of the human race, not to mention robots, minerals, animals and plants.  In “From The Ashes
he truly explores this, throws in some amazing twists and makes disgusting mutants somehow still mildly sexy.  How he does it, I’m not sure, but he just does… and I love him and his work for it.

You’d be punishing yourself not to pick up the “From The Ashes” collection.  Why punish yourself?  Unless you like that kind of thing… and if you do?  Well, then you really need “From The Ashes”.  It’ll be available in comic shops, book stores and on-line book sellers in February 2010.

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