Are you READY TO RUMBLE at Five Points Fest!?

There’s a lot of exciting things at Five Points Fest. Craft beer, food trucks, exclusive toys, but one of the top things is the live painting and here are details!

More and more amazing painting happening at Five Points Fest…


Next weekend is the second annual Paint Fight! taking place during the Five Points Fest weekend. The 2018 champion, JCORP is all set to return to defend her title & with five Paint Fight! match-ups scheduled for Saturday June 1st, you’re not going to want to miss this epic event!

Paint Fight! Match Ups

Here is the line up which will start at 12pm on Saturday June 1st in the Five Points Fest Beer Garden/Pin Yard area!

  • JCORP vs Mike Die (12-1pm)
  • Buttsup vs Mike Altman (1-2pm)
  • Grace Lang vs Ramiro Studios (2-3pm)
  • Lou Pimentel vs 7 Sketches (3-4pm)
  • Merk Aveli vs Riisa Boogie (4-5pm)
  • PAINT FIGHT! Final (5-6pm)

Each Paint Fight! winner will be determined by crowd participation, so your favourite artist will need your voice! Come out and make some NOISE! Once all five winners have been decided, a judging panel will choose which TWO artists will compete in the PAINT FIGHT! Finale.

As well as Paint Fight! this weekend, there will be a Live Painting Event on Sunday June 2nd in the Five Points Fest Beer Garden/Pin Yard outdoor area! Featuring a wide range of awesome artists including Skinner, Quiccs, Riisa Boogie, Czee13 and Mus Musculous making his NYC debut! Come grab a craft beer, some street food and watch these champs go to work with their spray cans!


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