AMC Games’ Airplane Mode Arrives Today on PC and Mac

I first saw this game at Playcrafting’s PLAY NYC about 2 years ago and was impressed with it then. Having now recently been on a short Delta flight with no easily accessible online entertainment and just basically sleeping the one hour flight I could easily see myself enjoying this real-time simulator.

Experience a Flight from JFK to Halifax or Reykjavik—in Real-Time—in this Unusual Simulation Game

New York, NY — October 15, 2020 — Flight attendants, prepare the doors for arrival and crosscheck — AMC Games is pleased to announce that Airplane Mode is now available on Steam for $11.99 USD. Created by Hosni Auji and Bacronym Games, this passenger simulator is a chance for players to unplug and enjoy a transatlantic journey from JFK to Halifax or Reykjavik in real time.


Airplane Mode simulates everything that happens between boarding a flight and arriving at your destination, including crying babies, spotty wi-fi, the possibility of turbulence, and the choice between a delicious fish or chicken dinner. No two flights in Airplane Mode are ever the same, because flight events and circumstances are randomized for a replayable travel experience.

“It’s hard to believe that this once strange idea for a game, which I was almost too timid to make, is now going to be out there for people to experience and, hopefully, enjoy,” said Hosni Auji. “Airplane Mode wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of my team and support of the folks at AMC Games. Now that the game has taken off, I look forward to seeing the response…and the opportunity to come up with more aviation puns.”

“One of my favorite things about this title is that it really pushes the boundaries of gaming,” said Clayton Neuman, VP of Gaming for AMC. ”At AMC Games, we’re always trying to give players a memorable, unusual, or exciting experience, and Airplane Mode definitely fits at least one of those descriptions. We’re thrilled for players to finally get their hands on this one-of-a-kind game.”


Game highlights include:


● Entertainment. Airplane Mode includes a variety of in-game content, such as podcasts, videos, music and more—and some of these are exclusive to the game. For example, the Podcasts app on your in-game phone includes an ambient music podcast available only inside Airplane Mode.

● Authenticity. Infamous game designer Bennett Foddy lends his voice and personality as the voice of your captain throughout the flight. Before takeoff, you’ll view an inflight safety video produced by AMC Games’ “slightly off” network sibling IFC.

● Simplicity. Unlike other aviation games, there is no learning curve with Airplane Mode. You can start relaxing from the very first minute, with no need for extensive tutorials or instructions.

● Discovery. Randomized flight events create a different experience every time. Will your flight be smooth through clear skies, or will you experience turbulence and stormy weather? Will you be annoyed with crying babies and a delayed arrival, or will you find enjoyment and peace on your journey?

● Perseverance. Depending on your mood and mindset, your flight may be challenging instead of relaxing. Will your brain successfully battle boredom and allow you to arrive at your destination?

● Comfort. Enjoy the experience and quiet familiarity of flying without the worries and discomfort of real-life air travel — no lost baggage, no leg cramps, and no jetlag!


Airplane Mode is available exclusively on Steam:

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