POWERBOMB.TV present FUTURES preview!

Powerbomb.TV presents their second ever special show TODAY (October 22, 2017) at 5 PM with a truly awesome line up. The show is titled FUTURES and is an event to crown the first ever PB.TV Independent Champion through a tournament. It takes place from the PB.TV/Grand Slam Wrestling Arena in Old Forge, PA.

The Quarter Finals took place throughout North America (Canada, USA and Mexico) at various companies in 2017 to determine who is the best to represent.
July 29th in Monterrey, Mexico at RIOT Lucha, Fly Warrior got a shocking win over Shane Strickland
August 10th in Canada at C*4, Desean Pratt defeated Buxx Belmar.
August 28 in Cornelia, GA at Anarchy Wrestling, Joey Lynch secured a win over John Silver
September 9th in Old Forge, PA at GSW, Jonathan Gresham submitted Fire Ant (replacing Jigsaw last minute)
You can see the Lynch and Gresham secured wins on Powerbomb.TV’s Youtube channel.

The semi finals have lined up as the following.
Fly Warrior vs. Jonathan Gresham with Stokely Hathaway in his corner
Desean Pratt vs. Joey Lynch

This has made the finals and the winner practically unpredictable. Fly Warrior is one of Mexico’s hottest prospects who has made a mark at RIOT, a PB.TV partner, has wrestled on PB.TV’s first show and even competed in Chikara’s Young Lion’s Cup this year. Jonathan Gresham is basically an independent living legend at this point, the Octopus is a former CZW champion and is currently is ROH’s second top stable Search and Destroy and with Stokely backing him he’s extra dangerous. Desean Pratt is still in rebuild mode since leaving behind his Amasis identity, but in short order he has won titles, defeated major opponents and become a true talent who should’ve always been unmasked with that super handsome face (I may be biased here). Joey Lynch is the most undiscovered gem here as he has not traveled the world as much as the others making his mark in Georgia as a king of the hill, but he did make it to the finals of Scenic City Invitational this year and is looking to break out after teaming with his brother Matt the last few years. All four of these men have the drive, the skill and the value to be crowned a champion.

The show will also feature a few matches of real excitement.
John Silver, the big dawg as he’s known, mighty mouse as some think of him, is out to prove himself to Mexico’s Puma King and everyone else that he should’ve won and been in the tournament. Puma King is out to make his legend bigger in his second only ever U.S. Appearance after thrilling CMLL crowds for the last nine years.

Ultramantis Black was thought to have retired earlier this year, but suddenly he’s back making special appearances. Before taking on Jeff Cannonball at a special charity event next week, the devious one, the man who loves Christmas is stepping foot in the squared circle at Powerbomb.TV’s FUTURES to face off the man who only wants to make people laugh, then take a nap, Orange Cassidy. This match has the ability to steal the show, as these two have a long history with each other, truly know each other, have trained together, drank together, traveled the world together but have never faced off one on one in ANY persona.

If that wasn’t enough for an amazing show, there’s at least three more.
“Hot Sauce” Tracey Williams, one of EVOLVE wrestling’s top people, someone WWE is always looking at closely will be facing Red Eagle of Portugal is his first stateside appearance. The seven yet vet is a true high flyer and against Williams technical prowess should be very interesting.
Two of the toughest, roughest, and wildest women in the industry period, Angelus Layne will take on Jordynne Grace. These two have faced earlier this year for NOVA Pro, a PW.TV partner and know how to put on a show. While I listed a show stealer earlier, these two ladies have the talent to prove me wrong and hard.
In three way action representing New South wrestling, Brute Van Slyke, a true beast of a man will be facing off a traditional wrestling purist in Dominic Garrini (who recenlty joined Catchpoint) and The Empbruh, Black Baron, a huge force himself.

On top of all that, former CHIKARA grand champion, one half of Notorious with Homicide, recently of TNA Impact, Eddie Kingston who just left that lucrative contract, and also did extremely well at a WWE tryout has asked for an open mic. The man is volatile, speaks truth and never holds anything back when given chance, so he might set the independent world on fire with whatever he decides to come out of his mouth.

This has been a weekend of shocks, surprises and wild moments in wrestling and I expect nothing less from this show.

Get yourself a PB.TV account now, search twitter for promo codes, choose one and watch!

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