The 3-D glasses were a little less advanced than I expected.  I was hoping to be given glasses I'd have to return, like they give out at Universal Studios Florida exhibits but they were just traditional 3-D glasses with the movie logo and some extra design. 

If you've never seen a Spy Kids movie and want to get a feel on the franchise and concept, this isn't the film to see.  If you want to see a fun movie with amazing effects and Sylvester Stallone in his acting tour-de-force, then it is one you cannot even consider passing up.  Expository narration and quick scenes quickly gets someone not familiar with the world Robert Rodriguez has created into the scheme of things and characters, which leads into a total trip of a film.  The race sequence rivals and maybe even surpasses The Phantom Menace's pod race, but that's just an argument waiting to happen.  The rest of the effects are just brilliant though, and on such a small budget.  The robot designs, vehicle designs, background and set designs and costume designs are beyond stellar, they really drag you in and keep you as interested in the story as the acting by Ricardo Montalban, Mike Judge, Salma Hayek (joining the family as Mrs. Giggles, wife of Donnagan, for those familiar with the SK universe) George Clooney, the aforementioned Stallone and of course the Spy Kids themselves, Alexa Vega and Darryl Sabara (who is made to carry the film, but just when you're sick of him, here's comes another character/actor to make things okay.)  The other kids in the film also are enjoyable little actors and are never boring or annoying.  If you decide to see the film, keep your eyes open LOTR fans, as Elijah Wood makes a MAJOR cameo which has a lot to do with a plot point, it's not hard to miss, but it is a nice little surprise when he shows up.  Surprises and plot twists and turns are actually a big part of the film, but hey it is a SPY/espionage action film with comedy. 

Robert Rodriguez has basically gotten to remake or use the basics of three great and pop culturally relevant films/genres with each Spy Kid film, number one being Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory and other strange fantasies, Two being a big Mysterious Island/Ray Harryhausen tribute, number three is a big sci-fi epic with a big nod to TRON. 

While I wouldn't say that Spy Kids 3-D was fantastic on its own, it was a blast and an excellent way to spend 90 minutes.  A true roller coaster without the headaches and nausea and when combined with 1 and 2 a true romp that shall always be considered complete and utter trash or some of the most fun films ever of the last couple years.  I'm just hoping that with Spy Kids all done and out of Rodriguez' system and Desperado 2/El Mariachi 2 coming out in September he can turn to Mike Allred's Madman, my only worry is that Madman is soooo 90's, will anyone still care?