PORNSTAR: The Legend of Ron Jeremy

This interesting documentary tells the true story of Ron Hyatt, the ugliest porno star ever, with the 9 3/4 inch penis.  By splicing clips from Ron's films, tidbits from following Ron around about a year ago in which he basically interviews himself, clips of folks talking about Ron (including Al Lewis, Al Goldstein, Larry Flynt, Seymour Butts, and a host of porn stars, directors and a few mainstream actors), it also has clips of fans just praising Ron.

Ron Jeremy was born in 1953, is from Queens, is Jewish and always wanted to be an actor.   He also was always ugly.  The film details exactly  how he got into the porn industry and how difficult it has been for him to get out. He actually did have a life before the porn industry, he acted in various productions and also worked as a special education teacher of the handicapped.  It wasn't till the Playgirl picture displaying his mammoth size that anything started.  It was a downward spiral from that first porn though.

Ron may had a great time early on, but now he is a an almost defeated man.  He still has hope that one day he'll be more than Ron Jeremy, Porn Star, but he does seem pretty miserable.  Sex is no challenge, hell, money, nothing is a challenge.

This is not a good life, I feel sorry for him. 

I do recommend the movie though, it was extremely educational, not just of Ron Jeremy, but of the porn industry, of the movie  industry, of sex and of getting everything and still having  nothing.

And by the way, He CAN suck his own penis, they showed a clip from the movie where he did it.  His dick was also much bigger  looking when he wasn't so fat... I mean it was mammoth, that prosthetic in Boogie Nights has nothing on Ron's girth, damn that thing is big.  He' s still not the greatest looking guy though, but I still love him. I mean...He's Ron Jeremy, Big Cock Mother Fucking Porno Star and An  American Icon!  Plus he's best friends with Corey Feldman! Can't beat that!

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