Life Lessons I learned from watching movies:
1. Owning lots of cars, a Japanese style house and catching flies with chopsticks is the epitome of coolness and calmness.
2. Having your caretaker look exactly someone in a porn magazine can lead to some wacky shit, also Thor is real and he works as a car mechanic.
3. Riding your bike when you're angry is a bad idea, but can lead you to being united with your true love until she leaves you and you get some weird glasses in the mail.
4. If your entire life seems to be weird and nothing makes sense and people are after you and it seems like all lies and you don't recognize anything and people pop out of nowhere, you probably died a long time ago and it's all a dream, hallucination or something else that can be explained in a very abstract manner.
5. Making a music video featuring pez-heads can lead to a movie deal where you have complete creative control.
6. When taking a shower with a girl wearing monster masks at your parents, make sure your mom isn't coming home any time soon.
7. If you're going to build a spaceship out of junk, bring candy for the aliens.
8. The new neighbors seem creepy? Blow up their house to find the evidence.
9. Running an escort service through your pizza delivery job can be very rewarding.
10. Thawed ice men can gain you popularity AND sex.

Guide to the Lessons

1. The Karate Kid 1, 2 & 3
2. Adventures in Babysitting
3. Dream A Little Dream 1 & 2
4. Jacob's Ladder, also Vanilla Sky
5. The Big Picture
6. Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
7. Explorers
8. The 'Burbs
9. Loverboy
10. Encino Man