"Indiana Jones - Bonus Material"

The documentary bonus material from the Indiana Jones DVD boxset was a big treat. I have never been a huge fan of Raiders or Doom, but I LOVE Crusade. I respect the two previous films though and realize that without them there never would be the third, but I feel there's no need for those films, Crusade just encapsulates all that there is to know about Indiana Jones. While it is nice to have Raiders and Doom, and of course one of my all time favorite TV shows "The Indiana Jones Chronicles", I believe Crusade just gives us everything we need when it comes to the saga of the character. 

The documentary information was absolutely a treat though. All that early creative information from George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan, the early promo art, the screen test with Tom Selleck and Sean Young and the screen test with Tim Matheson and the chosen actress Karen Allen. All great stuff, just tons of info and stories about the making of the film. This makes up for the fact that Spielberg refused to do commentary. Who needs it with the amount of footage that exists from the actual making of the films and the interviews done with Steven and George. The additional information as well, like the 12 minute additional interviews with John Williams and the guys at ILM and Bill Burt, the main sound guy at Skywalker Ranch is pure icing. 

The bonus material is a film in of itself, it's a shame that the films and this bonus material will not be sold separately as of this time, but maybe that'll change.