· The gore/blood was not really that intense. The scenes were filmed in very dark hues and some of the opportunities for some hardcore violence weren't even used. Jason's first Springwood murder is gruesome and cool with the bed, but when he kills the father and first guy's best friend it's fairly boring and unrealistic. As is the murder of the stupid girl. Unless the sliced down the middle, very little blood is considered gory. The kills Jason does in the cornfield are just boring, like some Godzilla movie. This didn't bother me much, but I would of loved to have seen just a bit more creative and vicious deaths.

· Despite the kills in the cornfield, the Jason on fire sequence did have a very awesome image to it and was one of those "Aw shit" moments.

· Freddy only gets one personal kill in this entire film. He gets that combined kill with Jason when he invades the stoner's body to pump Jason full of thorazine or whatever it is he used, but the only official kill he seems to get is when he kills Will's best friend from the Mental Institution. While it's a nice kill, it's the only one he gets and it's really the only interesting one.

· I still really don't get why Ken K. was used instead of Kane. There is NO WAY it was about the height thing. Robert Englund is only 5'10. Kane Hodder is 6'3. Ken K. is 6'6", at least 280 pounds if not more. There had to be some kind of contract dispute between Sean Cunningham and Kane Hodder, not this Ronny Yu wanted someone with height more proportional rumor. Kane's height would of made him look plenty larger than Robert as well if that was the issue. I just don't know.

· The screenwriters did add a whole extra level that is barely even explored. That is the sequence where we discover the many patients who are in comas from the experimental hypno drug. There were about 36 people unconscious there. That is pretty fucking extreme. All to keep Freddy down. The town knew about Freddy, they had come to finally accept the dream killer, and what do they do? Throw kids in mental institute and pump them full of drugs that put some people in comas. That is really fucking extreme. Plus there was one guy behind it all, mostly. There is quite a bit to explore on that. Lots of untouched material. Also now that Freddy is back and infiltrated the institute.

· Speaking of that guy. I think he did kill his wife. Lori's father that is. There was no Freddy involvement. Why would Freddy try to kill Lori's mom? Freddy only kills kids. It's obvious that the dad had serious fucking issues and killed his wife because he thought she was a slut and sent Will away not just because he saw it happen, but because he thought Will would turn his little girl into a slut.

· The retelling of Freddy's origin at the beginning of the film was quite creepy and unsettling. Try to remember, this character originally came from the mind of Wes Craven, who made Last House on the Left and The People Under The Stairs. Robert Englund recapturing the psychotic insanity of child molesting Freddy Krueger with the licking of the photograph… my lord, it was probably more disturbing than anything in the entire film.

· The new origin for Jason is chilling. I don't believe that in any of the films before they ever established the kids actually running Jason into the lake and then laughing as he drowned and didn't run and try to find counselors as he died under the lake with no kids jumping in to save him, just running away. If I am wrong about this than I am, but I do think this is a new concept to the Voorhees mythos.

· The fights were pretty spectacular. They were well choreographed and quite fun. I like that they were never one sided. Although Freddy used his intelligence and had the fight won if it wasn't for those meddling kids. That says a lot I think, that on Freddy's turf, Freddy had an obvious advantage, but on Jason's turf they were pretty fucking even. Jason had no way of getting the upper edge. Neither of them truly won. They beat each other and in the end… who has really won? Jason wouldn't care either way, and Freddy isn't dead. So…

· and it's obvious that Will and Lori are DEAD the minute they go to sleep. I also want to question, where the FUCK are they going at the end? There is nowhere for them to walk. The propane explosion destroyed EVERYTHING! Where do they expect to walk?

· Now to close off, let us quickly discuss this man Wes Craven. This is possibly a truly sick, sick human being. The Hills Have Eyes? The People Under The Stairs? Last House on the Left? These films have some truly demented plots. It's good though. I'd rather Wes making the films than chopping up kids, making girls piss themselves and throwing people into cages in his basement. Although, for all we know… he does and still makes the movies as well.