The Ten Something Movies of a Portion of Time

1. Fortress 2- It doesn't get better than the Highlander running around in a prison 26,000 miles above Earth with Pam Grier as the warden.
2. Howard the Duck- Naked ducks, Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins and a really bad script, booh yah!
3. Stacy's Knights - Dude, Kevin Costner gets beaten to death!
4. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie - Your favorite cards come to life, and then half of them die and the other half doesn't care and an entire plot thread is left dangling, pure brilliance!
5. So I Married an Ax Murderer - Fuck Austin Powers, seeing Mike Myers butt is worth the admission alone.
6. Meatballs 4 - Corey Feldman, and lots and lots of bare boobies!
7. Ishtar - Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, guns, and bad music, huzzah!
8. Spies Like Us - Almost like Ishtar, but not as Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase impersonate doctors in a foreign land as decoy spies, who don't know they're decoys, great fun, I guess, no, not really.
9. Delirious - John Candy rides a horse, and not like in Canadian Bacon, no, in this he's a daring hero.  While the 
convention was spirited, this film scares me more than Soap Dish as a film on the soap opera.
10. Sidekicks - Go Joe Piscipo Go!  Look at him go... right into Chuck Norris' fist... yeah, oh and look a
future martial artist in a wheel chair.  Obviously one of Zach Gowen's inspirations. 

I do not actually own all these films as amazing as that seems and of the ones I own, none of them are DVDs. Some of them I never actually bought but were given or found.  Only one of them is a film I actually think is A LOT of fun.  I'll leave it up to you to care enough to guess.