Photos from BEA/Book Con

A few weeks ago the 2014 Book Expo America happened and as every year I had an amazing time and scored many books and took not enough photographs.  Being a pop-culture blog I will READ most anything but when it comes to photos I mostly stick to the pop-culture end of things and that means movies, music, television, comics and in cases culinary (as I am a trained chef).

Top Row: Actor Neil Patrick Harris signs previews of his upcoming memoir “Choose Your Own Autobiography”.  Author Daniel Handler AKA Lemony Snicket promoting his newest “FILE UNDER: 13 Suspicious Incidents” and upcoming “All The Wrong Questions Book 3”. Christian Rudder of the band Bishop Allen and co-founder of OK Cupid with copies of his upcoming “Dataclysm”.

Bottom Row: Gabrielle Corcos & actress Debi Mazar of Food Channel’s EXTRA VIRGIN, cook book out now.  Signmaker and artist Stephen “ESPO” Powers signs his Love Letter.  Winner of MASTERCHEF season 4 Luca Manfé with copies of his cookbook My Italian Kitchen.


Book Expo America 2012 (The Swag/Haul) as images


This is all the non-fiction, memoir, autobio, biography & cookbooks.  Looking forward to America, You Sexy Bitch a ton, as well as Kevin Pollak’s memoir and Damien Echols.  Hoping to use Angelo Sosa’s cookbook a lot.

These are the Young Adult/Teen/Young Reader’s titles.  Not sure what I’ll jump into here first but very excited about Scott Nash’s Blue Jay and James Patterson’s first attempt at combining his adult contemporary with his teen work.

Comics & Graphic Novels.  Excited by everything here.  The “Bible” books were a nice discovery, the AMULET galley was an excellent surprise, the two books here I wanted specifically were DRAMA and THE HYPO.

An assortment of children’s books, graphic novels, cds, and assorted promotional pieces such as totes, stickers, etc.

Children’s Books and Graphic Novels.  Look forward to pouring through Captain McFinn, but everything here is the awesome.

The Adult Fiction.  Currently reading PANORAMA CITY by Antoine Wilson.  MEMOIRS OF IMAGINARY FRIEND might be next, but who can say.  We’ll see where the mood takes me.

So much to read and write about, never enough time, but I’ll make it work!


New York Comic Con 2011 Overview Part 4


I ended up waking up much later than planned and found myself rushing out of the house to at least catch my 12:15 Press session with J.Q. Quintel of “Regular Show” and Pendelton Ward of “Adventure Time” along with other writers and voice talent from the show including Tom Kenny.

From there I had about an hour or two to kill before a scheduled interview with Dave Gilbert of Wadjeteye Games. That interview was amazing and will be on this site sooner than later, probably this week. My mother’s hospital stay has delayed a lot of things.

In between I enjoyed many of the various booths I had missed on other days. I saw video games, indie publishers I hadn’t seen in years, had great conversations, saw amazing cosplay, took photos and all that jazz.

I stood on my feet as long as I could and even considered doing my traditional see what’s left over from booth destruction/left over, but the madhouse made me just feel best to get the hell out of Javits and not deal with people anymore.

I made plans to meet with my best friend Nick and figure out something fun to do for his birthday which we went and did.

Book Expo America 2011 Photo Edition (Day 2)

Jimmy Fallon was very gracious and kind.  He loved that I told him how much I loved “The Bathroom Wall”

Kevin Sorbo was a little late, but he was awesome, even when I accidentally in my half-awake state confused Andromeda and Farscape.  I know the difference and knew which show he was on, I just confused their plots.

Duff McKagan seemed just amazed to be at a Book Expo instead of a rock event.  I praised LOADED and asked about the US leg of the tour.

I got be to be first in line for Joey’s signing and asked him some very intensive questions about the book, his condition and how it’ll affect his future work.  Very intriguing short conversation.

I almost missed out on Candace, but Henry Rollins ended up cancelling.  I have a feeling her book will have way too much Jesus stuff as she follows in her brother’s footsteps, but hey, I got the pic.

The publishers moved the Chuck Pahlaniuk line along pretty fast, but I’m just glad to have an early copy of DAMNED.

These photos of course only show a portion of the second day.  SO much more happened that I didn’t photograpgh.  These photos along with txt elsewhere tell a great tale though, or if not a great tale, a document of a time.

Book Expo America 2011-The Photo Edition (Day 1)

Bruce Jay Friedman, writer of Stir Crazy, The Lonely Guy, Splash and many more.
He has a new memoir, Lucky Bruce slated for the fall of 2011.

Jenny Slate & Dean Fleischer-Camp, the comedienne and her entertainment partner have
a new book coming out November 2011 based on their Marcel the Shell with Shoes On stop motion animation.

Here I am kissing everyone’s sexy mom, Florence Henderson. At 75+ she is ravishing and thrilling.
Her new memoir, Life Is Not a Stage, is scheduled for September 2011.

Craig Thompson drew a personalized quick sketch into every preview of his six years in the making, HABIBI.

After a riveting stage appearance, John Lithgow signed galleys of his upcoming memoir, DRAMA: An Actor’s Education.

Daniel Handler AKA Lemony Snicket gets ready to sign his first YA novel, Why We Broke Up.