Art Portfolio

A sampling of art and graphics I’ve done throughout the years.

Snarf from Too Many Cooks=Too Many Snarfs

Daniel Handler AKA Lemony Snicket

Tom Scharpling as real life Mr. Universe from Steven Universe. (He is the voice)

Wil Wheaton as his character Curtis from the video game Broken Age







Lucha Underground’s Rabbit Tribe (Murte with original T-shirt design inspired by Disney’s Alice in Wonderland)

TNA’s Eli Drake (formerly Shaun Ricker)

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn as inspired by Nickelodeon’s All Grown Up! based on a single segment

Chris Dickinson of Beyond, EVOLVE and many more fame.

Kevin Steen before WWE, made-up shirt inspired by Young Bucks & Guns n’ Roses

tribute heads for Chikara’s 2014 season finale.

The Whisper, Snow Troll & Mortimer of CHIKARA (with some Joker inspiration)

Super quick sketch of Jervis & Thunderfrog when they were both on CWFH

Burlesque/Musician Kate Nyx, wife of pro wrestler Ophidian/Ouroboros and an amazingly talented. Made this when Phid was in Japan for Kate.

Hand drawn sketch of Kobald inspired by a John Romita Spider-Man drawing.

For a time Thunderfrog was “dead”. This was a tribute piece of he and Jervis’ tag team.

Kevin Condron done airbrush style based on Tweet.

Jervis Cottonbelly

The logos/reprentations of folks in Tier1s first ever Main Event: Luke Hawx, Mike Bailey, Tommasso Ciampa, and —-

Based off a Stokely Hathaway tweet, an image of Chuck Taylor TM, Chuck Taylor (Dustin) and Trent Baretta recrated as famous album cover

Dirty Buxx Belmar

Sonny with a Kiss with an original gear design

Brute Van Slyke


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